Borderline personality disorder: 7 pluses

Each disorder has advantages, I am sure a consultant psychologist Christine Hammond. The diagnosis should not be a sad sentence. We understand what advantages people have a borderline personality disorder have.

Everything that makes a person special, “others”, can fit into some diagnosis. Musical gift or sports talent is also not given to everyone. Diagnosis – a set of characteristics, which to one degree or another deviate from the norm. But the same can be said about high intelligence and other outstanding qualities that we evaluate positively.

Of all the diagnoses, the most “gets” borderline personality disorder (PRL). In most articles, blogs, books and videos, you will be advised to stay away from unstable “brinkers”. from English. BORDERLINE Personality Disorder – Borderline personality disorder). But it also has its own beauty, making people with PRL unique and attractive.

1. They have a high level of self -awareness

In any situation, “Boardines” perfectly understand what emotions they experience and why. For example, they are happy because they go to a party, angry if someone behaved rudely, feel abandoned if the satellite pays more attention to others, and are happy if they meet someone who shares their interests. They are not embarrassed that they experience all these feelings at the same time.

2. They put the whole soul

People with PRL feel “in full”, whatever they are talking about: about a loved one, arts of art, music, literature, sports, food. And they cannot live differently, except as investing one hundred percent. They follow passions, without this life does not make sense for them.

3. Their enthusiasm is contagious

If such a person is passionate about a business, it is a pleasure to be nearby. He naturally rejoices and admires, not to become infected with his enthusiasm. This is inspiring.

4. They sensitively capture other people’s emotions

“Borderline” recognize the feelings of others, even when people of these emotions do not notice or deny. If, for example, to combine this ability with a passion for drawing, then the portrait can show the mood that is obviously an observer, but is hidden from the “model”.

5. They are empaths

Reading the emotions of other people, “Boardines” can literally “absorb” other people’s experiences. Thanks to this, they easily imagine themselves in the place of another person, understand the whole depth of his feelings and sympathize. Actors and actresses with PRL use this gift to get used

to the image of heroes.

6. They can create deep personal ties

For real proximity, two ingredients are needed: a sensitive perception of oneself and the ability to sincerely empathize with another person. Both of them are in abundance at the “Borderliners”. This allows them to very quickly create deep and whole ties with others. True, sometimes this happens so quickly that another person can be uncomfortable.

7. They are configured for proximity

Borderline disorder allows a person to understand that he needs other people. “Borderline”, taking into account their level of self -awareness, usually do not become obsessive pursuers, they are aware of the need for other people at a very deep level. The fear of being abandoned stimulates them sincerely to invest both in a romantic relationship and friendly. Many people cease to pay attention to those relationships that have developed for a long time, and eventually encounter reproaches in coldness and indifference. This does not threaten the “borderlers” – they understand how important it is to maintain a sense of intimacy.

Conclusion from this: do not write off people from the. Try to know them better, learn something from them. They can give you a lot with joy.

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